Jennifer Hudson Sings, Acts & Even… Dances In New Video

We all know Jennifer Hudson can sing. She has a Grammy to prove it. Same goes for her acting chops as cemented by her Best Supporting Actress Oscar win. And by watching her overplayed Weight Watchers ads, we know girlfriend has a sexy new smoking bod. But the one thing we’ve never really known, is whether J Hud could dance or not. Is she all voice and no rhythm like Whitney Houston? Well, wonder no more.

Hudson shows she can dance in her new music video… sorta. At least from the waist up. Jennifer never really stands up and grooves. Instead she stays seated to perform some chair choreography. LOL. Is she that afraid to let her legs perform some simple dance moves in sync with her backup dancers? It’s not like “No One Gonna Love You” is an uptempo dance track where choreography has to be precise. Instead, it’s more of a mellow mid-tempo track that you can just casually grove to. Who knows the real reason? One thing is certain though, Jennifer looks gorgeous in the video. It’s amazing what a little weight loss can do.

Diane Martel directed the clip that features a bit of a storyline. It begins with Hudson trying to convince her man to stay in bed for a few more minutes. From the looks of it, he’s forgotten its their anniversary today. Things look even bleaker later when Jennifer shows up at the restaurant to find he’s not there. Watch the video and see if her man really did stand her up or just a big fake-out.

Jennifer Hudson “No One Gonna Love You” Music Video