Jennifer Aniston Goes Viral For smartwater

Jennifer Aniston hopes her latest effort for smartwater turns into a virus, correction, viral. Poor little thing, didn’t know the difference 😉 The actress is starring in her first ever internet (PG!) video for the bottled water company. Since it’s her first foray into this type of online marketing, Aniston wanted to ensure it had the makings of the next big internet sensation.

Anything remotely related to viral videos has been incorporated into this smartwater promotion. It’s jam-packed with enough viral video cliches to make her head spin. From dirty dancing computer animated babies, to adorable puppies (like hundreds of them), to internet sensation Keenan Cahill to even a “Friends” Rachel reference. It’s got it all. The clip is also titled “Jennifer Aniston sex tape” to attract all those horny boys looking for a little Aniston T&A. Watch the clip below to see if this viral video novice pulled off her first attempt.

Jennifer Aniston’s Sex Tape for smartwater

My favorite part was her kicking comedian Brad Wollack in the junk. I’m a sucker for a good balls gimmick. What did you think of the video? And are you a fan of smartwater?

  • OMG that was amazing…love her. “Rachel…love your hair.”