Jennifer Aniston Talks Behind Chelsea Handler’s Back

The other day, Joan Rivers threw a few jabs at Chelsea Handler’s way including insinuations that Handler only has her show, “Chelsea Lately“, due to her sexual relationship with the former president of the E! Network. Now it seems that another celebrity has jumped on the Chelsea hate train. This time it’s someone from her own camp mocking the funny lady. It’s none other than her BFF, Jennifer Aniston. Are these two on the outs? NOT. The slams and backtalk are all in jest and part of the season finale of “After Lately” airing this Sunday on the E!.

The comedic bit begins with Chelsea introducing Jennifer to her writing team. When Handler steps out of the room, Aniston chimes in on how “unfunny” their boss actually is. Jen mocks her BFF with a wide array of insults, ranging from Handler’s need to gossip about people more successful and better looking than her to Handler authoring another lame book. The former “Friend” even comments on Handler sleeping her way to the top of E!. Was this bit a jab at Joan Rivers claims the other day? Watch out Chelsea, I think another Joan slam is heading your way. Check out the clip below.

Along with the aforementioned jabs, I also loved Jen’s comment about Handler’s other A-list girlfriend, Reese Witherspoon. Aniston says that her and Reese “can only take her (Chelsea) in small doses,” adding that “it’s getting tough” to be seen with her in public. LMFAO. What was your favorite part? Sound off below.