Flying Coach Is A Nightmare For Jennifer Aniston In Emirates Commercial


Let’s be honest. Flying coach is not fun for anybody, especially when flying overseas. When you factor in crying babies, rude passengers, cramped seats on discount airlines, it can be downright hellish. Jennifer Aniston, I feel you girl 😉

The 46-year-old former Friends actress stars in a cute new commercial for Emirates. She’s shown wearing a robe looking for the shower and the bar. Sadly, neither are available on the flight she’s taking. Luckily for her, it’s only a nightmare. After waking up in her roomy luxurious Emirates bed, she immediately enjoys a cocktail at the bar. #toughlife. Check out the ad below.

Emirates A380 featuring Jennifer Aniston

  • I’m so glad he did that! It always disheartens me to see commenters saying things like “Oh, ANOTHER celebrity coming out. I bet he did it for attention” or something along those lines. People with influence in sports like him give lgbt youth (especially those who are sports enthusiasts) someone to look up to. Representation matters in every aspect and more athletes coming out will only help the issue.

  • Abi

    How can you stand promoting and watching this knowing that people in third world country are dying of hunger! Superfluous!