Rebecca Black’s Competition Releases New Video: Jenna Rose’s “OMG”

In a matter of days, Rebecca Black’s “Friday” will be the ALL TIME most viewed video on YouTube. It already has around 60 MILLION views. Ark Entertainment, the production company that helped create Rebecca Black, also has a handful of other girls in the mini pop star factory – one of which is Jenna Rose.

I included Jenna Rose’s huber cheesy “My Jeans” video (where the lyrics of the song were about Hannah Montana and Ashley Tisdale wearing her jeans) in my Top 5 cheesiest Ark music videos post a while back.

Now, she is back with a much more grown up song than her last one – almost too grown up. Listening to the lyrics and watching the girls dance…I didn’t really feel like it was age appropriate. See for yourself and compare the two videos below.

Jenna Rose – “OMG”

Jenna Rose – “My Jeans”

  • seeing as this record company doesn’t care about what the singers SOUND like, can they hire better choreographers? Just because they are white girls, doesn’t mean they have to dance like them…

  • Mabhouti

    I thought “My Jeans” was adorable in a 12-year-old sort of way. Jenna Rose seems to have a good sense of humor and can even act a little. I think she would be a natural for the Disney Channel. She could be the next Amanda Bynes.

    OMG is Jenna Rose trying too hard to be Lady Gaga. She should stick with the gawky, buck-tooth kid personna for now – it works well for her. She’ll never be a great beauty so when she grows out of the gawky stage she could develop herself as a comic actress. She could be terrific!

  • james

    i disagree, i think jenna is a comic actress but also a very pretty child that will be beautiful as she gets older,,,she actually looks like a young katy perry,,,i would love to be on disney

  • John

    My Jeans wasn’t produced by Ark. Neither was this. Just because it happens to be a shitty, badly-made music video by a preteen girl doesn’t mean it was made by Ark. Get your facts straight.

  • cohen

    As someone already pointed out, Jenna Rose has nothing to do with ARK. Also Rebecca Black’s “Friday” even today at over 130mil. views is nowhere near Justin Bieber’s “Baby” which is at 530mil. There are several videos with more views than “Friday”.