Homorazzi Chats With Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman

On a beautiful sunny day, we had the opportunity to drive out to Bridge Studios here in Vancouver to sit down with friend of Homorazzi, the always radiant Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman.

As hospitable and welcoming as always, we had the pleasure to have Jeffrey take us around to show us his wardrobe, and introduce us to the cast and crew on set of his new film ‘Lucille’s Ball‘. Everyone was fantastic to us, and we even got to talk to the director of the film who’s life the movie was based on.

We’ve seen Jeffrey’s career blossom from his humble beginnings as a nice Canadian boy, to filming Stargate, to modelling in South Africa, working in LA, and now living full time in New York City. We even got to chat with him about a project he’s proud of, a film called ‘The Skinny‘ that premiered in LA just last month. His story is really an inspiration to anyone starting off a career path in and around Hollywood North.

As always with friends and extended family of Homorazzi, we’re happy to see all of his hard work paying off and are always excited to catch up with Jeffrey to see how high his star will rise.

  • czahn

    great interview Nico. bris-vegas misses you and so do I.