Let’s get the obvious out of the way. This guy is HOT. He’s got that whole Italian Stallion thing working for him. So, who is he? His name is Jeff Razore and lives in Seattle. He works as a marketing consultant and graduated from the University of Washington. In his spare time, he gives back to the community by helping coach and train young athletes. Sounds like an all-around good guy, right?

So what’s his connection with The Bachelor franchise? Well, that’s a little less easier to explain. For those who haven’t seen last night’s Bachelor finale, I won’t spoil it for you. For those who have seen it and want to know what the deal is with this guy, you’ll have to read below.

Reportedly, Jeff is Chantal O’Brien’s new *cough* rebound *cough* boyfriend. If you watched the “After The Final Rose” special, you know Chantal has moved on from being dumped on national television and found herself a new love. Even though she teared up during the show, she maintains everything happens for a reason, and that she’s really happy with her new man. Even though, it may look like a rebound, I have a feeling that it actually might work out. How can it not? I mean, I would move heaven and earth to score this sack of hotness.

But the real reason why I think her feelings are genuine, is because she backed out and turned down the coveted “The Bachelorette” spot, because she had already found love. This eleventh hour revelation caused the producers to do some last minute scrambling to find another heroine for their spring/summer installment. Coming in to fill in Chantal’s shoes was Final 3 girl, Ashley Herbert. While I admit, she looks UH-MAZING with her new darker locks, I was hoping the Bachelorette was going to be Shawntel Nelson. She was my favorite, other than Emily, this season.

So what do you think of Chantal’s decision? Did she make the right choice in turning down dating 25 men this summer? More importantly, did Chantal trade up from Brad Womack with this dark haired hottie? Sound off below.