Jeff Probst Hopes To Snuff All Other Daytime Hosts’ Torches

Another day, another new talk show coming to daytime. In the past few weeks, Katie Couric, Anderson Cooper, Bethenny Frankel and even Randy Jackson have been attached to upcoming afternoon chatfests looking to fill the void left by Oprah Winfrey. The latest wannabe talk show host is none other than Jeff Probst. The Survivor host and three-time Emmy winner will head a one-hour daytime talk show on CBS.

For over 22 seasons of Survivor, Probst has certainly proven himself as a competent moderator during all those tribal councils and live reunion shows. In addition, he’s held his own opposite Kelly Ripa when he’s filled in for Regis Philbin on “Live with Regis and Kelly”. Probst has also filled in for Larry King on his former show.

“I’m fascinated with human nature and thrilled that this show will allow me the opportunity to connect with real people and explore their stories on a personal level,” Probst said in a statement. “As I continue with Survivor, I am excited to extend my relationship with CBS with this new adventure in the world of daytime.”

Probst’s foray into daytime won’t premiere til Fall 2012. It’ll cover everything from newsmakers to ordinary families in extraordinary circumstances. Since Survivor films back-to-back seasons in the summer, he could realistically pull double duty and continue with the venerable reality show and his new daytime talkfest.

What do you think of Jeff Probst fronting his own talk show? Between Anderson Cooper, Katie Couric, Bethenny Frankel and Jeff Probst competing for viewers during daytime, only one if any will survive. Who do you think has the best shot?