Jeff Hephner (with whom I work on Hellcats with) has had a rough pilot season this year. He originally booked a role in NBC’s drama pilot Playboy. However, after a table read with the network, the deal was pulled right from under him and he was replaced with Eddie Cibrian. As they say on Full House, how rude!.

Have no fear Jeff Hephner fans, a true talent will always find his spotlight. Jeff has signed on to do more than a pilot with network Starz. He will join Kelsey Grammer on an eight-episode series titled Boss. Coincidentally, this show will also be based and filmed in Chicago (just like Playboy).

The show is written by Farhad Safinia and directed by Gus Van Sant. The concept of the show is that Kane (played by Grammer) is the mayor of Chicago and is diagnosed with a degenerative mental condition that only he and his doctor know about. Jeff will play the role of the state treasurer who is a Chicago native, handsome and soon to be a powerful player in the Chicago political scene.

No premiere date has been set for the Starz series but with Lionsgate not bringing Mad Men back until 2012, it’s looking like they’ll have a lot of time to cultivate this new series. The show will also star Connie Nielson to play the Chicago mayor’s wife.

Jeff can currently be seen playing the recurring character of Red Raymond on the CW’s hit show, Hellcats. He also guest starred on ABC’s Castle this year. Jeff’s most memorable roles include his reoccurring characters on NBC’s Mercy and popular teen drama The O.C..