Model Behavior: Jay Byars

Hisies. I’m back after a three week vacay in Australia and New Zealand. Man, did I have a great time. Firstly, my apologies for missing a couple of weeks of posting my Model Behavior hotties. This last trip was nonstop from day to night and I was exhausted by the time I got to the hotel. As you can expect after a vacation, I’ve had to catch up on a lot of things since coming home. Obviously, since covers a lot of pop culture, catching up on television shows has been a daunting task. Thankfully, some of them have decent eye candy to gawk at. Ergo this week’s Model Behavior selection.

Before catching my lustful eye on the current season of “Survivor”, Jay Byars was a male model bearing it all for 2(x)ist and other underwear brands. As a side note, was anyone else surprised when Jay first spoke on the show? He’s got the case of the David Beckhams. His helium-like voice wasn’t what I expected. He’s so hot, I don’t care what he sounds like. I’m sure he moans just fine *wink*. Depending on how Byars ends up on “Survivor One World“, he’s definitely being added to either of my Survivor hotties list- Hottest Guys Never To Make Jury or the 15 Hottest Survivor Guys Ever.

Back to Jay’s day job. He’s worked with photographers Daniel D’Ottavio, Rick Day and Paul Reitz. Currently, he’s represented by both Major Models and Nous Models. Check out a few sexy shirtless pics below. You’d never vote him off the island looking the way he does.

Jay Byars Model Stats

Height: 6’1″
Waist: 30
Shoe: 12
Hair: brown
Eyes: hazel

Looking mighty buff in a Survivor Buff.

I’d form an “alliance” amongst other things with him.

Looking good from the front and back. The latter looks especially tasty.

This is my kind of formal wear.

That’s a lot of “wood” in his “wheelbarrow”.

Speaking of “wood”. His cup runneth over.

Be still my beating heart.

Nice looking nips.

Nothing gets me going like hairy arms and a treasure trail.

Soooooo handsome.

I love me a hot guy in a peacoat.

Is that a garden hose gushing out liquid or something else?

Always wear a helmet. Safety first.

If those tighty whities were just a tad lower, I’d be heaven.

Cleans up nicely.

There’s something sexy about a dude wearing jeans that are just a little loose around the waist.

Someone looks tough in a tank top and combat boots.

A couple more shirtless pics to send you on your merry way.

Model Behavior: Is Jay Byars Hot?

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  • Leo

    Damn he’s sooo hot and is the sole reason i tune in to survivor this season.

  • seriously gorgeous!

  • Belladonna

    I’ve never seen survivor like ever and im not going to start now lol but he does look really really hot its something about his eyes there so passionate,I like the more styledlizd pics like 6,8,9,11,14,18 and 20 over all he looks amazing good job.