Hats off to Bravo for how they handled the premiere of their newest reality show. The way Vanderpump Rules segued from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills without a commercial break, opening or closing credits was brilliant. The strategy worked and Vanderpump Rules held practically most of its RHOBH lead-in. It’ll be interesting to see if it can maintain those retention numbers in the coming weeks. I know I will keep watching. Ashamedly, I LOVED IT. It reminded me a lot of The Hills when it was good. The cast even ate at one restaurant featured on the MTV reality show.

Another reason for me to tune in is that sexy Jax Taylor. The 29-year-old bartends at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant SUR. Jax can pour me a mojito (among other things) anytime he wants. WOOF. In addition to appearing on the BRAVO reality show, Jax is a successful working model. He’s appeared in editorials for GQ Japan, Details, V MAN, Cosmopolitan and gay publications Out magazine and Instinct. A few of the ad campaigns he’s scored include AussieBum, 2XIST, Energie, Abercrombie & Fitch and Taco Bell (LOL) to name a few. He even became the face of an XBOX video game. Check out a sampling of his previous work below. Hope you enjoy my first Man Crush post of 2013.

He’s conveying a lot with those eyes and I like what he’s saying.

Clearly Bravo knows how to market the show. With a body like that, no wonder Andy Cohen is pimping him out.

Admittedly, I like a guy with a bigger nose. Big schnoz, big…

On vacation with Vanderpump Rules co-star SLASH girlfriend Stassi Schroeder. So far, I’m not liking her, but a lot can change from now til the season finale.

Working out that strut on the runway.

He needs to pull his underwear down and not up so we can see his “abercrombie & fitch” 😉

Looking sexy with a mustache.

Showing off that body. Thank God for iPhones.

I’ve always wondered who those guys were on those video game covers. Now, I know.

That v-neck needs to plunge a bit more. I want more man cleavage.

Hello bulge. Nice to meet you.

Here’s a better (and bigger) view of his package.

“He strokes your head or back.” Hmmmm. He can stroke my “head”.

Someone is beach ready.

He looks better with age, don’t you think?

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