Javier Bardem Reveals His Three Man Crushes To Esquire

It seems like every actor in Hollywood is talking about their man crushes these days. On the heels of Charlie Hunnam revealing his, Javier Bardem does the same with Esquire magazine.

The 48-year-old actor not only has one, but three man crushes. Greedy, greedy, greedy. Here’s what he told the publication in their May 2017 issue.

“(Al Pacino) I find him so physically attractive. Oh, my God, yes.” “(Brad Pitt) I saw him once on the red carpet and I was like, wow.” “(Johnny Depp) What face!,” Bardem shares.

Javier also talked about his love of rock music, specifically AC/DC. “I love hard rock, and I love heavy metal. It’s always been something I’ve been drinking from, the energy of metal,” he says. For more, head over to Esquire.