Piss & Vinegar: Do You Have Enough?


That’s the question Jason Sutherland of new Piss & Vinegar is asking you. Making it’s debut at The Las Vegas Pool Tradeshow at the end of summer, urine for a surprise from the creator & former president of Ginch Gonch.

Ginch Gonch’s motto was to “Live Life Like a Kid”, but Piss & Vinegar is, however, more grown-up than Sutherland’s past creations. There is underlying message that encourages guys to appreciate what life has to offer and work hard to live life to its fullest potential. It all starts with the underwear!

Piss & Vinegar – the title of the brand comes from the British slang for living young at heart– is designed for the bold guy who believes that the way to enact change is to break through cultural and conditioned stereotypes.

Now, about the actual underwear: It’s made from a breathable, body-conforming stretch fabric (94% Su Pima cotton/6% Lycra). Total comfort! The premiere Piss & Vinegar collection will be the “I Love…” line which features the controversial ‘I Love Jesus’ and ‘I Love Buddha’ briefs. Shake that Buddha Booty! Designs are available in a brief, boxer brief, low rise brief, and jock strap. All feature the signature 1 1/4 inch microfiber elastic logo waistband with the stylishly bold scripted logo.

Here’s what Sutherland had to say about the line when it was released:

“We chose to introduce the ‘I Love…’ with Jesus and Buddha because whether you subscribe to their doctrines or not, there is no denying that each man became an icon by living his life to the fullest and living it from the heart. The other men’s briefs we are introducing in Piss & Vinegar’s ‘I Love’ collection are the ‘I Love Boys’ and ‘I Love Girls’ briefs. When living life with Piss & Vinegar, it doesn’t matter who you love, only that you love with everything you’ve got.”


Piss & Vinegar aims to become the newest leader in the world’s underwear market. If the name is any indication, it sounds like they have the oomph to do it! When Sutherland brought Ginch Gonch to the market, copycats started popping up everywhere. He aims to re-energize an underwear market that has become overcrowded with clones of his past designs.

Piss & Vinegar will be available in major department stores, select independent retailers and is available now online at www.PissVinegar.com.

Check out their edgy promo video!

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  • superbru

    What a daft video Piss and Vinegar has. No idea what they r adverising. Is it an allusion to greatness, or a new use for the religeous smoking thingy ?. If I did not know that it was for a range of underwear i would be totally confused by the mundane use of a great model. just my opinion really. I hope he got his moneys worth.

  • The new collection from Jason Sutherland (Piss & Vinegar– I Love Collection) Is awesome. Perfect model to show off the undies 😉

  • Pants is proud to be retailing Piss & Vinegar underwear in the UK

  • Pants Uk is proud to be retailing Piss & Vinegar in our UK store