For this week’s Man’s Crush, I will be taking the place of Donovan who is busy vacationing in Europe. Lucky guy right? To follow his lead, I have chosen another male hottie from the line-up of newbies joining our small screen this fall. This time around we’re featuring Jason O’Mara who will be starring in FOX’s new show Terra Nova which to me seems like a cross between ABC’s Lost and the film Jurassic Park.

Jason was actually born and raised in Ireland and only became an American citizen in January of ’09. Jason originally had plans to be a professional rugby player but an injury forced him to take his focus another direction. Jason attended Trinity College, Dublin and graduated with a degree in drama. One moving across the pond, Jason began guest starring on many primetime shows ultimately landing his latest gig with FOX.

On Terra Nova, Jason plays Jim Shannon, characterized as a devoted father with a complicated past. The show takes place in 2149 when the human race is about to become extinct due to poor air quality. In an effort to save the human race, scientists have a developed a time machine to take humans back to prehistoric Earth and form a human colony known as Terra Nova. It sounds great and I can’t wait to check out when it airs on September 26th.

Whether it’s rugged in a button-down or done up in a suit, I’ll take Jason in any outfit please.

Jason got tied up to this bed during his run on “Life on Mars.” I’m sure he wouldn’t be opposed to doing it again right?

Love a guy in a leather jacket.

This a younger, polished Jason which is great but I definitely prefer his more rugged look.

This private has me standing at attention. (LOL something Donovan would totally say about this photo.)