Recently, Donovan told you about the fact that Jason Mraz would be the first straight man to cover Instinct Magazine in its 15 year existence. The magazine felt that all the work he has done and continues to do for the gay community had earned him the honor. This new HRC video he has done is completely in line with that.

It seems as though his upcoming album, “Love Is A Four Letter Word,” is merely to support and backup his greater purposes which is to fight for marriage equality. His latest single, “I Won’t Give Up” can literally bring me to tears. That song is playing in the background of this video where he explains that he is an American for marriage equality. I loved the song before, but now the lyrics have even more meaning as they are combined with Mraz’s message on marriage equality.

For someone that writes and sings about love and in turn has touched so many lives and relationships, it’s great to have him speaking out on our behalf. I heart Jason Mraz. Watch the video below.