Man Crush: Jason Momoa

As I was watching one of my favorite new shows this season, “Hawaii 5.0“, I was reminded of another show set in the Aloha State that featured this week’s crush. Jason Momoa first caught my eye as the young stud on “Baywatch Hawaii“. While Rich was fawning over David Chokachi as his Baywatch hunk, I was lusting after Momoa as mine (with Chokachi as a back-up *wink*).

The 6’4″ tall drink of man meat was born in Honolulu to a Hawaiian father and German/Irish/Native American mother. I’ve always been partial to mixed heritage hotties. He broke into the entertainment industry as a model and won Hawaii’s Model of the Year competition in 1998. His big acting break came when he won the role of Jason Ionae in “Baywatch Hawaii”. He followed up that gig with a role on “Stargate Atlantis“. He can next been seen as the new “Conan the Barbarian” with Rose McGowan in “Conan” set to hit theaters in 2011. He reportedly beat out Kellan Lutz for the role.

Currently he is romantically involved with “The Cosby Show’s” Lisa Bonet. They’ve been dating since 2005 and the two have a daughter and son, named Lola Iolani and Nakoa-Wolf respectively. The 31-year-old DILF can often been seen hanging out with Bonet and his kids during his down time. Gotta love a sexy family man.

Just hanging out with some of the Baywatch boys. I wonder if the other two can still fill out their signature red trunks. I’m sure Jason has no problem.

A couple of screenshots from the show. Look how adorably cute he is with shorter hair. I can’t even tell you the thoughts that ran through my head back in the day.

Normally I’m not a fan of dreads, but for Momoa I’ll make an exception. At the end of Stargate Atlantis’ fourth season, he wanted to cut them off because they were causing him major headaches and whiplash during action scenes. The producers agreed he could cut them off, but then the Sci-Fi network forbade him. Eventually all parties agreed to Momoa wearing a wig.

Here’s a still from his upcoming Conan movie. He’s definitely hotter than Arnold Schwarzenegger ever was.

His sexy body during his Baywatch days. A little twinky with a bit of muscle.

Momoa a few years later in the short-lived “North Shore” series with Shannen Doherty. Loving the manly chest fuzz he’s sporting in the promo pic.

Here’s his body in its most recent state. A lot more muscular and thicker. So which body of his did you prefer? The twink, the twunk or the hunk?

So, so, so pretty. It’s easy to see how he won “Model of the Year”. So sexy. Those lips are to die for.

Even in unflattering paparazzi pics, he’s still fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. Messy hair, unkept facial hair. It all works.

What did you think of this week’s crush? Upgrade or downgrade from my previous picks? Post your comments below.

  • Dina

    A total upgrade of course! damn this guy is so hot i can hardly not think about him every five minutes! saw him first in north shore for just one scene and was a fan ever since! i bet our momoa is gonna be an A-lister one day! btw, u forgot to mention that when he was doing that north shore show, he became on of the 50 hottest people alive! he came on 30 something

  • Nori

    He brings (brought) a lot of complexity to the role of Ronon Dex. He’s especially good with body language, which is so important since Ronon is not much for lots of talk.

  • omg he is so damn FINE!!!damn lucky girl