Jason Momoa Talks Fatherhood With Men’s Health

Photograph by Damian Bennett
Justice League finally arrives this Friday and I can’t wait. Honestly, I’m not expecting much. I’m just excited to see Jason Momoa as Aquaman. I’ve had a little crush on the 38-year-old actor since his Baywatch: Hawaii days.

To promote his turn as the Marine Marvel in the superhero flick, Momoa graces the December 2017 cover of Men’s Health. Inside the issue, he talks about life as a parent and his hopes for his legacy. He also shows off his instruments, musical that is and not that other one fans really want to see 😉

Check out quotes from the interview below and more pictures snapped by Damian Bennett.

On Life Before Fatherhood

“I really can’t tell you what the hell I was doing before I had kids….Just wasting time. I think I was pretty reckless and definitely a bit out of control. Now I’m more focused. I probably love myself more and take care of myself more because I want to stick around.”

On How He Wants To Be Remembered

“…I want to be remembered as, I hope, an amazing husband and a great father. My kids are the greatest piece of art. If I can pump them full of amazing stuff and surround them with beautiful art and music, then I’m going to live out my life watching them. They’re already way smarter and just way better than me. God, I love it. It’s beautiful. I want it to be the greatest thing I

On His Musical Collection

“I told my wife: one woman, lots of toys!”

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