Who’d You Rather: Dehler VS Medina

Having just come back from White Party 2012, it seemed appropriate to highlight a couple of the Andrew Christian hotties we met while we were there. Whether helping host the events, perform on stage, or busy doing a photo shoot, the boys were busy shaking their money makers. Of course there are many hot AC models, but we’ve decided to highlight Jason Medina and Steven Dehler and ask you who you’d rather in… and out of their AC underwear.

Steven Dehler we met while walking home from one of the pool parties. He’s a 25-year old German/Irish model from LA and has been featured in some AC shoots and promo videos. Great body, great smile, and he was great to talk to.

We met Jason Medina when arriving at the Sunday T-Dance and he informed us that he was going to be performing later on. A couple hours later, he was crawling on stage with “Fuck You Betta” singer Neon Hitch riding along on his back. The sexy model/dancer has been featured in many AC campaigns and videos.

Check out their photos and vote for who you’d rather below.

Steven Dehler

Jason Medina

Who'd You Rather: Dehler VS Medina

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  • Tyson

    Jason is hot no doubt about it. But Steven Dehler! Damn!!!

  • Eric

    Stevo all the way!!!

  • Emmy


  • Andrew

    Dehler! And you met them?!

  • eltonportajohn

    OMG! I am so jealous you met these guys! I am obsessed with the Andrew Christian videos/models.
    So they were actually nice? I Love hearing that!

  • beUandU

    Jason’s smile could met the coldest of hearts. He is gorgeous. And have you seen that booty! YUM
    Steven is a total hottie too though! Gotta love Andrew Christian, they are pretty much the masters of marketing these days.

  • aussiekangaroon

    HMM, I think Jason is more hung b/c in the F*ck You Better video his big old schlong is flopping all over, so I pick Jason!

  • Kuwan

    This is so funney b/c my friends and I were tryang to decide what Andrew Christian models was our favorite.
    We decided on Richie Nuzzolese, Jason Medina, Steven Dehler, and Mike Munich!

  • DanielKY

    The hottest one is Brandon and his stunning blue eyes!

  • Chris32NY1

    With that smile, Jason catches your eye and holds onto it.


    Jason Medina is the most gorgeous boy alive. I have met him and his personality is as bright as his infamous smile along with his beautiful eyes. He has the voice of an angel and when that is all put together with his naturally tanned physic he make me feel like a excited teenaged girl. Momma I want Jason Medina for my birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • whiteparty

    I was actually at White Party and Andrew Christian had hot boys all over the place in their underwear. They even got naked on stage! They all were hot but Jason stole the show!

  • El Lay

    My favorite part about Steven is the ankle bracelet he has on while he dances at the abbey. Hot. Mess.

  • bellbivdomeinthemorning

    Typical LA bull shit with the comment above.

  • Valcps

    Sem duvida Jason não há o que comentar…. Só pedir a equipe da Andrew que o mantenha sempre em seus videos, pois acaba me instigando a comprar mais e mais rsrsrsrs

  • sean

    A Dehler make me Heler honey boo boo child. O_O

  • Dbrewer75

    Jason isn’t that cute IMO… Steven is a fucking FOX though!

  • Steven all the way to the bank!

  • ricci

    by far jason medina, guess he’s more the european taste of guy, he drives me mad with desire, as well as matthew mc call, both are by far THE hottest AC models but i don’t see them too often, ricci from cologne

  • Jason Medina is the Hottest California Boy by Andrew Christian