Homorazzi Chats With Jasmine V And Gives Us An Exclusive Look At Her Mixtape’s Artwork

This teen-pop sensation is popping up everywhere is about to blow-up even more. Yesterday, I chatted with Jasmine V who’s track Werk has been on replay on my iPod at the gym for a few weeks now. Think this songster looks familiar? She was the object of Justin Bieber’s eye in his Baby video but made waves of her own when she opened for him on the second leg of his My World 2.0 tour.

In chatting with Jasmine, I can tell that this girl is dedicated to working her tail off. Since creating a fan base called the Jasminators, she’s ready to give them some new music with her new mixtape cleverly titled S(he) Be(lie)ve(d). She said in our interview that she’s excited to get this disc out there because she knows her fans have been waiting for it for a while. The mixtape features a few cameos from hip hop hotties Tyga and Ryan Leslie. There is no doubt, Jasmine V is in good company.

Listen to our exclusive interview, check out the artwork for her new mixtape and watch her just released video for Just A Friend below.


Yesterday, Jasmine also released the video for the track off her mixtape titled Just A Friend. The track shows an older of Jasmine and the video is gives the boy she’s singing to a pretty good verbal slap in the face. Don’t play with Jasmine V. She’ll knock you out. Check out the video below.


  • BrittanysA Jasminator

    Omg i cannot wait any longer! the 20th better come faster than what it really is !