Olympic Hottie Of The Day: Jared Connaughton

First of all, a special shout out to one of our readers, Alex, who suggested Jared Connaughton as an Olympic Hottie of the Day, saying, “Pure Canadian grade ‘A’ beef!” I couldn’t agree more!

Connaughton is a 27-year-old Canadian Sprinter from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, he competed in the 200m and 4x100m relay for Canada where his team placed 6th in relay and he placed 14th in the Semifinal competition. Unfortunately, yesterday he placed 7th in the semi final for the 200m and is missing out on the final. He may not be done in London just yet though. Canada’s final four racers for the 4x100m relay have not been announced but he’s hopeful he’ll be a part of it. The first relay takes place tomorrow (Friday).

Check out some of his photos below and be sure to keep an eye out for him during the relays on Friday. Fingers crossed he’ll be running!

Jared laying it all out after a race.

An older photo of Jared shirtless. Hot!

Mid run – check out all of that muscle definition… and side bulge 🙂

I love his tattoo. Also, he probably has some of the sexiest eyes in the Olympics as well.

Some of my favorite shots of athletes are shots of their legs, like these ones.

Jared feeling a little blue in this picture.

Enjoying some downtime on the beach. Such a great body!

  • Gabriel


  • Ewan

    Wow! He’s one hot gay athlete!

  • I was looking for some hot shirtless pictures of hottie Trey Hardee, when I saw this picture of hottie Jared. But, what I also saw was a poll of favorite drag queens. Forgive me while I vent a bit, but why would a site that has so many pictures of hot men, do a on damn drag queens? If I never saw another drag queen, it would be way too soon! I’m not saying that people who want to dress in drag should be beaten up, ridiculed, discriminated against… but, if I wanted a woman, I would go after the real thing, not cheap imitation. I’ve been out a looong time, and nobody that I have ever been remotely friendly with, has had any desire to be in drag, other than an occasional outrageous costume on Halloween. And once was always enough. So, again, why would a site that emphasizes showing all these uber masculine, hot men, do a poll about my favorite drag queen. Btw, my favorite is…you probably guessed it, NONE OF THEM!

  • CJ

    Yes, I’d swallow. DAMN!!!!

  • andrew

    Jared is the MAN!!!

  • andrew

    If he is gay. I am in love. Wow. He got me at those BLUE eyes. WOW!!!

  • Alex

    The shaved head, the eyes, the tattoos, the body…mmmmm, what’s not to like!? And thanks for the shout out! 😀

  • tom

    he’s the reason canada got disqualified in the relay…lost us a medal…

  • André

    One small misstep in the relay but what a class act taking on the responsibility in public. Great character and attitude, and grade A to boot!