Hell hath no fury like a woman former supermodel scorned. You’d think after all these cycles, Janice Dickinson wouldn’t be so bitter about leaving “America’s Next Top Model” and former boss, Tyra Banks. Instead, she sounds even angrier. Gotta love a good celebrity catfight. Is her latest rant about ANTM simply the truth, sour grapes or an attempt to stay relevant? You decide.

In light of the recent judging panel spring cleaning, former judge herself, Dickinson went on Sirius XM’s “Derek and Romaine” show to give her two cents on Nigel Barker, Jay Alexander and Jay Manuel’s exit on the venerable modeling show. If I can liken her interview to anything, I would compare it to an air raid on Baghdad during the Gulf War. She was dropping bomb, after bomb, after bomb.

When asked her opinion about the judging panel shakeup, Janice says it was motivated by money and says Tyra is “one selfish greedy woman“. She then continues to rag on Tyrant and adds that it probably wasn’t entirely her decision. “She doesn’t have a creative bone in her body, so someone else is pulling the strings on this one.” Then when asked about Nigel Barker, Janice claims Tyra kept him for so long because she was in love with him, but it was useless pining over him because…

According to Dickinson, Barker plays for our team. This is where she begins to lose her credibility, if you ask me. She jokingly adds that Nole Marin, her former judging panel enemy, is the fluffer on Nigel Barker’s photo shoots involving hot male models. She must be high at this point. LOL.

Just when her ramblings get too melodramatic, she catches my attention again by dropping a huge BOMB. She reveals that Tyra and the judges have no power on picking the winner. Instead, it’s one of the show’s major sponsors. “Covergirl chooses the model. It’s not the judges. It’s not Tyra.” While, I don’t believe half of what Dickinson is saying, the last claim is totally believable. I’ve felt that’s probably how decisions have gone down.

What do you think of Janice’s rants? Is she telling the truth or is she simply suffering from hallucinations due to more prescription drugs? Sound off below. If you want to hear all of Janice’s revelations for yourself, head over here to listen to the entire interview.