Janet Jackson’s janet Album Turns 20

On May 18, 2013 Janet Jackson’s fifth studio album celebrated its 20th anniversary. janet moved a whopping 20 million units worldwide and spawned 6 Hot 100 Top 10 hits. The album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 with the largest first week sales in history for a female artist at the time. It just seems like yesterday when “That’s The Way Love Goes” was dominating MTV and radio airwaves.

“I can’t believe it is already 20 years! I always write my music based on what is going on in my life at the time. I wanted to allow people in… I want my fans to really know me. The ‘janet’ album was sexual and I was beginning to really discover that side of me.” – Janet Jackson to Billboard

Control may have been her breakout album, with Rhythm Nation 1814 her best-selling set, but janet was IMHO her best creatively and sexiest. She dabbled with a sexier image with the last single, “Love Will Never Do (Without You),” off her previous album, but janet saw Jackson fully embracing her womanhood and sexuality. Gone was her bulky “Rhythm Nation” uniform. In its place were midriff baring tops and chokers. And in some instances, nothing at all. Who could forget her topless iconic Rolling Stone cover?

The definite standout on the album was “That’s The Way Love Goes.” That slinky lead cut can still kick off a house party like it did back in the day. Who could forget the catchy intro “Like a moth to the flame / burned by the fire / my love is blind / can’t you see my desire?” Plus the music video had Jennifer Lopez as one of her backup dancers.

Other highlights include “If‘ which featured iconic Tina Landon choreography, her Academy Award-nominated track “Again” for Poetic Justice, the super sensual “Any Time, Any Place,” and the club banger “Throb.” The latter had a wicked remix by the late great Peter Rauhofer. Check out all the released singles below and be sure to reveal your favorite cuts from the album in the comments section.

That’s the Way Love Goes

Peak Position: 1 (Billboard Hot 100)


Peak Position: 4 (Billboard Hot 100)


Peak Position: 1 (Billboard Hot 100)

Because of Love

Peak Position: 10 (Billboard Hot 100)

Any Time, Any Place

Peak Position: 2 (Billboard Hot 100)


Peak Position: 2 (Billboard Dance)

You Want This

Peak Position: 8 (Billboard Hot 100)

Whoops Now

Peak Position: Did Not Chart

  • Luis

    I was 9 y/o when this album was released and boy I enjoyed it even though I was a child, “If” was my favorite single, I spent days trying to do that killer chorepgraphy, 1993 was a good year in music.

  • daws

    I grew up on Janet Jackson. Control was the first cassette I ever owned and I’ve lost track of how many times I listened to Janet. Definitely her best album, though, Rhythm Nation definitely felt epic.