TV BackTalk: Jane Lynch on SNL

Last night, Jane Lynch made her debut as the host of Saturday Night Live and the episode certainly met the expectations and hype. Jane Lynch starts off her monologue by introducing and singing a Glee theme song she wrote (with co writer Jose Cuervo), which is essentially about her character Sue Sylvester and her being the star of the show. It was hilarious.

The Glee doesn’t stop there. We then go into a skit mocking Glee club which is hilarious as well. All the main glee cast are spoofed, with the exception of Brittany, who was unfortunately left out of the sketch. Mercedes was my favorite. Anyway, they introduced a new glee member – none other than trouble maker, GILLY. Awesome. Needless to say, her pranks begin to cause problems until things escalate and the school explodes.

Andy Samberg & Jane Lynch were hilarious in the sketch for “The New Boyfriend Talk Show,” where a young, braced, Andy interviews the latest man to sleep with his mother, at the kitchen table, the morning after. The interview that takes place in this scene is extra special because it is the 100th man he’s interviewed. Momma’s been busy!

Secret Word is the next sketch, which isn’t the first time they’ve done this one. For me, this was one of the best ones and it was more because of Kristen Wiig – although Jane Lynch did hold her own. Wiig is just so freakin’ brilliant at her characters. Kristen Wiig plays a deluded Broadway singer named Mindy Grayson who plays against Lynch’s character, Phyllis Diller-type “comedienne.”

Time For the Digital Short – which was amazing. Andy Samberg and Jane Lynch team up again in this sketch, where Lynch plays a therapist, trying to use some new methods of visualization and relaxation to help Samberg with his problems. The problem is, Lynch keeps “writing herself into” his visualizations, where she does something sexual to him, like shove a popsicle in his mouth, or spoon him naked, as shown in the photo above.

Other than the highlights above, other funny skits include one about Sunday Night Football, Kristen Wiig as Christine O’Donnell‘s “I’m Not A Witch” campaign, Suze Orman & her ex Roma, among a few others. Performances by Bruno Mars (who was recently charged with cocaine possession) were much better than Katy Perry’s for sure.

Did you tune in? What was your favorite sketch?

  • EZ

    I missed the episode and watched it on hulu. And the glee skit was omitted! Gah! I’m sad. But still a great episode.