V Season 2: Jane Badler Returns

THIS… JUST… GOT… INTERESTING!!! During V’s panel at Comic-Con, executive producer Scott Rosenbaum, revealed that he’ll be introducing leader Anna’s mother on the upcoming second season of V when it returns November 2010. When he let it slip her name would be Diana, fans of the original mini-series and show were abuzz and hopeful that the original lizard villainess Jane Badler would reprise her viciously evil role.

Well, hope no more… It’s official, Jane Badler is back. When V returns, we learn that new leader Anna (Morena Baccarin) has been keeping her mother prisoner on the New York-based mother ship. Vicious. She’ll be holed up in a never-before-seen section of the ship that has been outfitted to resemble the Visitor’s home planet. If Diana version 2010 is half as tough as the original, don’t expect her to be held captive for too long. She’s probably the only reptilian who could give Anna a smackdown.

Words can’t even begin to describe my excitement to watch Diana’s return. Being a huge fan of the original incarnation of the series in the 80s, I was a little disappointed with the first half of the ABC reboot. But by the time the second half of V season one rolled around, I became a big fan. The producers and cast definitely found their groove and I was riveted weekly. November can’t come soon enough.

Hopefully when Diana returns, she’ll be sporting these fantastic 80s glasses.

Even the Visitors had big hair in the 80s.

At 56-years-old, Ms Badler still looks as stunning as ever. Also, she bares enough resemblance to Morena Baccarin to make the mother/daughter relationship believable.

If you haven’t caught season one of V, I suggest you check it out before season two rolls around. You won’t be disappointed.