Jamie Oliver: Food Revolution


I have a new hero in my life. Jamie Oliver. If you haven’t heard of this man, I ask you to turn on your TV and PVR, change the channel to ABC and start recording his latest television program, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. It will literally change your life and the way you think about the food you consume on a daily basis.

A few week’s ago I was in Costco stocking up on groceries and everywhere I turned I was constantly reminded of the deal I made with a friend that involved me cutting out all junk, processed and fast food from my diet, including pop! I don’t know what I was thinking as my friend’s half of the bargain was minuscule in comparison. It has been three weeks since I began this person challenge and I have to admit the results have already been life changing. While perusing the aisles I came across Jamie Oliver’s latest cookbook, Jamie’s Food Revolution and decided it was about time that I graduated from my somewhat used ‘Cooking for Dummies’ beginner guide to oven-made meals. Sigh.

Then it happened. That same day I saw a link online mentioning Jamie’s latest ‘reality’ TV program, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution airing a total of six hours (in one hour segments) on ABC. The show is based on the pervious work he did in overhauling the United Kingdom’s food regulations. Literally starting from the ground up in local elementary schools, Jamie has now decided to take on the United States of America.

Based on statistical research, Jamie sought out the unhealthiest region with the highest obesity rates among adults and children in the US; Huntington, West Virginia. He started his journey again focusing on one local elementary school, spending one-on-one time with a stereotypical American family and rallied local radio hosts, priests and movers-and-shakers to support him. If you haven’t been watching this show, you need to start now. If you’ve missed a few episodes, find a legal way to watch them online. It will literally change your life; I know I know, I said that already.

Check out the trailer if you don’t know what I’m rambling on about:

Just last week Jamie reached out to Oprah Winfrey and naturally she agreed to have him on her daytime talk show. Alongside Executive Producer of Food Revolution, Ryan Seacrest, the two spent half of the one hour time slot airing footage from the preview episode, as well as showing America simple ways to make healthy food for their families while still keeping both budget- and time-conscious people at bay. Another amazing accomplishment and boost for the show, nearly guaranteeing Jamie’s success (it’s the Oprah touch)!

If you have been watching the show and are looking for a way to get involved, the easiest way is to sign a simple petition on Jamie Oliver’s website

Heck if you haven’t been watching, start! I dare you not to feel empowered to start your own change!

  • Jared

    I watched this on Friday and really got heart broken that people were living the way those people were. They were ignorant and unaware, and the youth of that city were living a doomed future. It scares me to think that in my younger days I’d eat crap like pizza pops, pogo sticks, and at least a can of pop a day (for years). These days I try to eat as little processed foods as possible. I shop at whole foods for organic foods and meat from animals that are raised ethically. My 6 meals a day rarely contain anything processed, I’ll only touch pop once every month or more, I haven’t eaten fast food in half a year, and I don’t intake things like Starbucks anymore.

    I hope that the people of Huntington will learn to change their eating habits, especially the kids. I don’t even crave junk food anymore, and hopefully one day that’ll be the same for all people.

    P.S. how sad is it that the kids don’t know what different types of vegetables are called, and don’t know how to use cutlery?

  • Dan

    Hi Jared – Sorry for the delayed response! I appreciate your response and well done on changing your eating habits for the better. As I mentioned in my article I recently made similar eating-habit changes and it took no time at all to start feeling the overall positive effects on my body.

    Check out the episode the aired last night, the third installment in the series. I was in tears at the end when a young teenage girl reveals that she may only have seven years or so left to live based on her weight and health issues. It broke my heart. I really hope Jamie Oliver and this show in particular are the eye opener that America (and it’s friendly neighbour to the North) truly need to make a change.

  • Jared

    Yea I watched it. I was in tears for her, too.