Model Behavior: Jamie Dornan

This week’s selection for my “Model Behavior” feature is a true male supermodel. Jamie Dornan has appeared in numerous ad campaigns for Calvin Klein, Armani, Diesel, Hugo Boss and Massimo Dutti to name a few. The 6’0″ stud was born in Belfast in 1982. Prior to being discovered as a model, he dabbled in music and formed a two-piece band, Songs of Jim, with his college mate, David Alexander. They played music together until they broke up in 2008.

The Irish looker started in modeling in 2002 posing for GQ and Attitude magazines. With his stunning good looks, he made a big name in the fashion industry quickly and scored major campaigns and often appeared with celebrities. In 2003 he met Keira Knightley on an Asprey photoshoot. The two hit it off and dated for three years. During his time with Knightley, he became immersed in the cinema world. This would lead to his slow transition from modeling to acting. In 2006, he appeared in Sofia Coppola’s film “Marie-Antoinette” starring Kirsten Dunst. He played the role of the handsome Count Axel von Fersen.

A few of his most notable campaigns featured some of the most stunning women in the world. Dornan appeared in sexy Calvin Klein ads with both Kate Moss and Eva Mendes. In fact, Calvin Klein loved him so much, he was often featured in plenty of their ad campaigns. Who can blame him? Since splitting with Knightley, he’s appeared in regularly in tabloids being snapped often flirting with Sienna Miller, Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton and Kate Moss.


Height: 6’0
Waist: 30
Chest: 37
Shoe: 9.5
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue

Kellan Lutz has one hot body, but it’s Jamie’s underwear I want to take off.

He looks like the love child of Ryan Philippe, Ashton Kutcher and Penn Badgley (Gossip Girl) all wrapped into one.

I love a man who can pull off a tied neck scarf.

Absolute perfection. The hair, the eyes, the lips, the skin. He’s probably the hottest male model I’ve featured in a while.

Gotta love a high-fashion BMX-inspired shoot.

Doesn’t he look like Ryan Philippe here? So sexy. To me it’s all about the face. Hot bodies are a dime a dozen. I’ve got a dollar, so that gets me about 120 hot bodies, right???

Eva Mendes is one lucky beyotch. Imagine spending the day lying on Jamie’s chest, while tugging his underwear. Tough life. I’m sure if I was her, I would’ve “accidentally” pulled those suckers off a lot lower.

It’s interesting how he can change his look simply by growing out his hair.

Yum!!! Another hot pic of his sexy bod. I’m liking the long hair.

It’s amazing how much Calvin Klein can get away with. Seriously, she’s practically rimming him. In my next life, I’m coming back as a female supermodel.

In this one, he looks like a younger hotter version of Ashton Kutcher.

A couple of random shots of Jamie on the red carpet. He actually even looks more adorable when not done up.

I’m probably a fool for mentioning this, but that’s one hot suit he’s wearing. Oh yeah, his body is pretty nice too. Slurp.

A candid shot from a CK underwear shoot. Looks like the Irishman is packing some serious lucky charms down there. I’m sure they’re magically delicious.

I love me a hot rugged mountain man.

He’s making this too easy. Saddle up boy, you’re about to go on a bumpy ride.

One last shirtless pic of our gorgeous feature model this week. I could spend an entire work day combing out that treasure trail.



  • ahmed al-khuzae

    did u just say
    “a hotter younger ahton kuctcher ????
    ashton is hotter
    (but damn this boy got some asssssss )

    im gonna bitch slap to the next life bitch 😛

  • gay person

    this guy’s gorgeous!

    and ashton kutcher?IMO, no, sorry…ashton is a 7 compared to this guy (a 10).