Jamie Dornan Tells Amusing Story About His Pubic Hair

We all have embarrassing stories from our teenage years. During a recent visit on The Graham Norton Show, Jamie Dornan tells an amusing one about being a late bloomer. Believe it or not, he wasn’t always a sex symbol.

While acting in a school play, a re-purposed wig was given to the Irish stud to make him look older. “Now, I was 15, I looked about seven. I had no hair or anything. Anyway, in the play, they had given me this sort of black, very acrylic, highly flammable wig that they used to cut off and UHU (glue) to my face to give me a beard, to give the appearance I was older,” the 35-year-old actor revealed.

Since it worked out pretty well for the show, he thought he’d try it out in real life. Watch the video below to find out what he did with the school prop later.

Jamie Dornan On The Graham Norton Show