Battlestar Bamber Fans

Jamie Bamber PeTAIf you are, like the majority of the homorazzi, a Battlestar Galactica fan you will already be familiar with the character “Apollo” Lee Adama played by Jamie Bamber.  This past week Jamie was fighting for a different cause here on earth with his participation in the PeTA campaign to end cruelty toward Bears.

When Jamie learned how Canadian black bears are killed to make the Queen’s Guards’ ceremonial caps, the British-born actor jumped at the chance to help.

“I initially decided to do the PeTA ad because a great friend of mine in L.A., Lucy Davis, had just done a similar ad, and I love Lucy and it was a cause I didn’t know about — I’ll be honest. So as soon as Lucy opened my eyes, I was thrilled to join her and do my bit.”

The homoerotiscm of Battlestar Galactica has been a decided feature of the series since its reincarnation in 2003. If you haven’t already rented the DVD or watched the series on Sci-fi get into it… You won’t be disappointed!  Just start at the beginning and tell your friends to keep their mouths shut.