James Wolk Sexy & Gay In “Happy Endings”

A few months ago, I first mentioned that “Happy Endings‘” resident gay was about to get a brand new love interest. Not just any ordinary one at that, but rather someone super studly. “Friday Night Lights” Kyle Chandler’s doppleganger James Wolk was recruited to sweep Max Blum (Adam Pally) off his gay feet. With just a few weeks before we see Wolk on the ABC sitcom, images have finally hit the internet to wet our appetite.

If you’re still in a lovey-dovey mood after Valentine’s Day, you can keep that sentiment going with the valentine-themed episode of “Happy Endings airing the next day. James plays Grant, an ex-boyfriend of Max. Executive producer David Caspe describes Grant as the “perfect guy” and “brings out a different color in Max”. Is that code for Max switching positions in the bedroom? LOL. Here’s more of what Caspe had to say about James Wolk joining the cast.

“He was someone we knew would maybe be interested in doing this show, and we were fans of his, and he just seemed kind of perfect for the part, and he decided he would do it, and it was great. He was super nice and charming, and obviously, very handsome.”

It’s only fitting Max and Grant rekindle their romance on Valentine’s Day, given that Grant broke up with Max on a past V-Day. I expect a lot of grand gestures of love during the episode. Based on the preview images, I’m pretty bang on. Check them out for yourself. Pssst, there’s a couple of pics of James Wolk showing some skin too. He’s sweeter than a heart-shaped box full of chocolate and probably tastier too. YUM.

Who’s that schmuck with James Wolk? He is kinda cute though.

They make a pretty dashing couple, don’t they?

Candles, horse-drawn carriage and roses. You don’t get more romantic than this. That is, unless you’re on one of those “Bachelor” over-the-top dates.

How hot is James Wolk? Just look at Alex and Penny’s wide open mouths.

Leave it to Jane to take charge. Someone’s has to get James shirtless, right?

I love that Alex is sniffing James’ shirt. Probably smells really nice and musky.

So cute. Jane better take her hands off him. I can definitely see Max throwing a fit if someone else is manhandling his BF.

Are you excited for James’ debut on the show? Who’d you rather, James Wolk or Adam Pally? Sound off below.

  • Both. Same time.

  • Max and Grant make me very happy. 🙂 If they break them up, I will be so pissed.