Is James Spader The New Boss On “The Office”?

During the latest season finale of The Office, we watched as a special elected team weeded through potential candidates to find the new boss to replace Michael Scott at the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin. As the rumors circulated at the time, it was under the impression that Jim Carrey could potentially be the replacement. Now a new rumor is circulating and has us all wondering, will James Spader be the new boss at the office?

Before you start telling your friends what you read on Homorazzi let me quickly clear the air. While he was vying for Michael’s position it seems that he will actually be receiving a better job… replacing Kathy Bates as the CEO of Dunder Mifflin. This makes me terribly sad. I absolutely love Kathy Bates on The Office. However, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Spader and NBC are in talks. So why a quick exit from Bates? Her new drama Harry’s Law received a second season pick-up and therefore, Kathy needs to focus on that.

Just to be clear, the deals and talks are still in the early stages and are no where close to signing pen to paper, but I think that James would be a welcome addition to the show’s core ensemble. The proposed storyline places him in the series premiere jumping onboard as Scott’s replacement. However, his immediate desire for empire building will get him kicked into the bigger offices upstairs. So once again, the Scranton office is void of a boss… so who will fill the gap once again?

Will Ferrell did a great multi episode arc last season but after his untimely accident in the warehouse with a basketball hoop, he bid adieu. So now, will Jim Carrey fill the big shoes? It’s unsure as producers of the show are saying that Catherine Tate is one of their favorites. If you’ve ever watched her comedy show, it’s absolutely hilarious. I mean roll on the floor, kind of funny. “Am I bothered?”

Some of the series regulars have also thrown their hat into the ring to be the next Steve Carrell including Ed Helms, Rainn Wilson and Craig Robinson. I would love having any of those men helm the office. The producers also love them some Will Arnett but unfortunately, he’s manning his own comedy for the network titled Up All Night. It’ll be interesting to see who takes the winning role this fall. Who would you like to see be the boss at Dunder Mifflin?