I have to admit, I am a bad gay. I have never spent over $100 on a pair of jeans ever, in my entire homosexual life. Why? Because I’ve never felt the need nor found a pair that fit me well enough to spend that much money on denim. Sure, I’ve found amazing jeans from Rock N’ Republic and Diesel, but alas, I continually have to head over to American Eagle to find the jeans that fit my small frame the best. However, this article isn’t about my jean dilemma, it’s about someone jumping onboard with Seven For All Mankind to make their jeans just a little bit cooler than they already are.

We know that sometimes, James Franco likes to moonlight in projects besides acting. He’s taken on music and he took on photography when he directed his shoot for Flaunt magazine. Now, those photography skills have been enlisted for a new ad campaign to promote Seven Jeans. The shoot is said to be comprised of a series of photos plus an online media component.

“I’m not supposed to say too much, but we don’t want to do something that feels very fashion-heavy,” said Franco. “It’s a more natural kind of approach. It’s not a heavy-handed fashion world sell-job. It’s really about bringing the natural essence out of the performers and models.”

So far, we know that James will shoot on December 11 in LA with a secondary shoot scheduled for January. The photo shoot is also being said to star models and celebrities. The ad will emphasize a narrative approach, using a large cast portraying a free-spirited and glamorous California lifestyle. Franco says he was drawn to the project because the style the project entails is a far cry from what he is used to in his Hollywood acting lifestyle. He admits he may not know how to design clothes, nor does he want to, but he has always been interested in the designers he has worked with.

Do you think James Franco has what it takes to carry this Seven Jeans campaign off or should they have hired someone who is, well, more versed in the genre. Sound off below.