James Franco Joins Marvel Cinematic Universe As…

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is adding another film to its already extensive library. Deadline reports James Franco is on board to play Multiple Man who is part of the X-Men universe. Eric Dane previously played the Marvel comic character in the 2006 film X-Men: The Last Stand.

Jamie Madrox, aka Multiple Man, is a mutant with the ability to create instant duplicates of himself. Until his appearance in the 1987 miniseries Fallen Angels, Madrox was mainly a minor or supporting character. He’s finally getting promoted big time with a feature film of his own.

Wonder Woman scribe Allan Heinberg is writing the script while Simon Kinberg is producing the project. Interestingly, Kinberg and Franco have been working on another project, The Hardy Men. The vehicle would be a starring one for James and his brother Dave Franco where they portray the grown-up versions of The Hardy Boys.

What do you think of James playing Multiple Man? Good casting or horrible one? Sound off below.

  • Ali Altammar

    Fox studios owns the rights to the X-men characters… And those movies are not part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe… Yet.