Who’d You Rather: The Franco Brothers

Tonight, Patrick and I are checking out a special preview of the James Franco’s upcoming film Rise of the Planet of the Apes which opens in theaters this Friday. And, after catching a look at a trailer for the thriller Fright Night which stars Dave Franco, I thought, why not do another celebrity brother edition of Who’d You Rather? So, here we are.

At a first look, Dave might be simply put as the brother of James Franco, but make no mistake, this cutie pie is starting to make waves all of his own. Appearing in films like Superbad and Charlie St. Cloud, Dave is also known for his comic hilarity in videos featured on popular site Funny or Die. With roles in upcoming films like the highly anticipated 21 Jump Street remake, there is no doubt that Dave will step out of the shadow of his older brother.

James has made quite the name for himself over the years. From his start on Freaks and Geek to appearing of popular soap General Hospital to starring in major films like Spiderman and 127 Hours. This Oscar nominated actor also is known for playing gay in films like Milk which has sparked a lot of question of whether or not James is gay himself. Whether he is or isn’t, there is no denying that James is a total hottie.

Okay, now the choice is yours and unfortunately, you can’t have them both so make up your mind! If you’re having a hard time deciding, you can use the motivation material below to help you out. So, who’d you rather? Dave OR James Franco?



Who'd You Rather: The Franco Brothers

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  • KaironStar

    Didn’t Dave Franco also appeared on Scrubs last season? Looks really familiar.

  • T-bone

    I would love to taste each one of them before deciding. I wonder if brothers have jizz that taste the same?