James Corden Hilariously Reviews Lifetime’s ‘Britney Ever After’

Even by Lifetime standards, their Britney Spears unauthorized biopic reached new levels of camp and cheese. At least that’s what I’ve heard. Britney Ever After is still sitting unwatched on my DVR. However, after this hilarious review, I’m making it a priority to watch the trainwreck this weekend. Preferably with a bottle of champs in tow. There’s no way I can do it sober 😉

After catching Britney Ever After over the weekend, James Corden shared some of his favorite scenes from the film on The Late Late Show. He joked about the network’s inability to secure rights to Brit’s music and the project’s questionable casting choices. His comment about actress Natasha Bassett being better suited to play Tiffany Trump than the “Toxic” singer is bang-on.

Check out the amusing eight-minute clip below. Be sure to stick around til the end to find out the big lesson Corden took away from the film’s end.

James Corden Is Obsessed with ‘Britney Ever After’