Battle Of The Bonds: Franchise By The Numbers


Even though SPECTRE only hits theaters today in North America, it’s already been wreaking havoc overseas for a week. The latest James Bond film raked in $80.4 million in six territories last weekend and crushed records along the way. With an opening in over 3,600 locations in the US, it could be another lucrative weekend for the spy franchise.

To celebrate the release, UK website GB Showplates compiled a bunch of stats for a fun and informative infographic. Check out some key statistics from their analysis below, including which Bond was a kissing bandit, killed the most villains and drank the most martinis.

  • jaytennis

    Love this! Hoping for Nadal or Tsonga next year

  • flipboycutie

    I’m intrigued. Why does he have a tan line?

  • Douggseven

    You for real?

  • oh well

    why not? Suits him.