First Image From Skyfall Revealed

October seems so far away but that’s when we will finally get our first glimpse at the sexy Daniel Craig once again portraying the role of James Bond. It’s hard to believe but the character of James Bond has been captivating audiences of all ages for 50 years with six different men taking a stab at playing the MI6 agent of 007. The 23rd film titled Skyfall marks Daniel’s third appearance in the franchise.

Last night, Empire Magazine revealed to the world the first image released from production from a night when the crew filmed at the Four Seasons Hotel in London. The image showcases Craig as Bond, sitting on the edge of the Season’s outdoor pool. Bond is sporting some baby blue trunks with his feet dipped into the water.

Okay, so the still doesn’t reveal anything about the plot, what Bond is doing there or what he is thinking at all. However, I would love for you take this opportunity to Caption This if you will. What do you think Bond is thinking or saying to himself in the photo below? Remember, director Sam Mendes is promising a more emotional canvas for this edition of Bond flick so think more along the pensive side. I personally, I cannot wait for this film and luckily, it comes out on my birthday! Check out the image below and write your caption in the comment section.

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