Who’d You Rather: Levine VS Shears

This week’s Who’d You Rather is a battle of the front-man. You know their music and you know who they are. So now, get ready to pick who you’d rather between hottie male singers Adam Levine of Maroon 5 and Jake Shears of the Scissor Sisters.

Adam Levine was born in 1979 and is the lead singer of pop/rock band, Maroon 5. He was originally in a band with some high school classmates called Kara’s Flowers and even appeared on an episode of Beverly Hills, 90210. After Levine and another band mate dropped out of school in Long Island, they came back to LA to start up Maroon 5. Did you know that Adam was a writer’s assistant on the TV show Judging Amy? Its while working here that he started working on lyrics for Maroon 5’s first album Songs About Jane.

Jake Shears was born in 1978 and is the lead male vocalist of music group, Scissor Sisters. Jake was born in Arizona but grew up north of Seattle on San Juan Island. Jake attended college in New York where he studied fiction writing. In between his studies, Jake would write for the gay magazine HX and also became a fixture in New York’s electroclash scene. Shear’s joined his friend Scott Hoffman formed Scissor Sisters in 2001 but found a majority of their success in the UK and Ireland. Did you know that Jake Shear’s attended Elton John’s wedding stag?

Adam Levine

Jake Shears

Who'd You Rather: Levine VS Shears

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  • Markatlarge

    Jake Shears looks like a hot mess. Thats my type of guy.

    Adam looks desperate to show off his hot body. Just my opinion.

    markatlarge at twitter

  • Calan

    Jake is so sexy

  • J

    Levine. The tats do it to me every time.

  • kealli

    eww. Where the “none” option?

  • Shannon

    ADAM LEVINE all the freaking way!!! that man is some hotstuff

  • Jurgen

    Adam has many freckles

  • cockiii

    Adam is soooooo fucking hot.!!
    i like to suck his cock

  • Kelly

    Adam Levine is so sexy that.. Oh sorry lost my train of thought thinking about that hot stuff.

  • kelly

    OMG!!!Adam all the wayy..he makes me hot just looking at him..he’s hot, seems sweeet,is funny,and writes love songs that blow my mind..is SUPER talented…and like i started with…LOOK AT HIS HOTTTTTTTNNNESS!!!!