Sports Stud: Jake Dalton

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding Summer Olympics hopeful, Jake Dalton so he seems like the obvious choice for this week’s Sports Stud. He’s very close to being selected to be part of Team USA, but on his recent competition on the pommel horse he didn’t do as well as most of the other competitors. That being said, his chances now lie in how well he does in floor, vault and rings.

The 20-year-old (almost 21) won the NCAA men’s gymnastics floor and vault titles in 2011. He was the U.S. National Vault champion in 2009 and 2011, and the Floor Champion in 2011 and the All-Around Gold medallist of the Winter Cup Challenge in 2011. He’s 5’5″ (my height), and built like a rock.

I’ve included several videos from earlier this year that can give you an idea of what this guy is capable of. Best of luck to him in qualifying for the Olympics. He’ll find out very soon! Check out the pictures and videos below.

He’s got a lot to smile about – as do we 😉

Wowza – check out those muscles. THAT takes strength!

I feel like his muscles can barely be contained within his singlet.

Holy biceps, Batman!

Dalton riding on the horse.


I also love his tattoo – not sure what it says though.

Jake Dalton – Floor – 2012 Visa Championships – Sr. Men – Day 2

Jake Dalton – Pommel Horse – 2012 Visa Championships – Sr. Men – Day 2

Jake Dalton – Rings – 2012 Visa Championships – Sr. Men – Day 2

Jake Dalton – Vault – 2012 Visa Championships – Sr. Men – Day 1

  • Regen

    Such a hot guy!

  • Mitch

    Team Danell Leyva

  • jo

    Have you seen Danell Leyva or Jake Orozco? Both of them are FINE as HELL!

  • Joe

    Jake is hot! And Sam Mikuluk is so yummy as well!

  • andrew

    When Thos Jefferson wrote: “all men are created equal” he had not seen Jake Dalton.

  • Robert

    Team Jake all the way!

  • Destiny

    Dayuuuum! Had to wipe up the drool. Jake is freakin gorgeous!!

  • Alehandro

    what are the tattoos that Jake Dalton have and what is written in one of them?

  • YankeeFan

    It’s a Bible quote. I saw Jake compete at OU a lot. Religious kid. Have a lot of great shots of him at meets.