Homorazzi Chats With Jai Rodriguez About His Role On ‘Malibu Country’

A couple of weeks ago, I was privileged enough to chat with Jai Rodriguez over the phone. Many of you may remember this hottie from his days as the pop culture consultant on Queer Eye For The Straight Guy but even before that, I remember him playing the role of Angel on stage in the musical, Rent in Toronto, ON, Canada. This wasn’t my first interaction with Mr. Rodriguez. In fact, he and I met alongside Patrick at the 2011 GLAAD Media Awards when Homorazzi covered the blue carpet.

Jai is currently a season regular on Malibu Country, ABC’s newest comedy starring Reba McIntyre. I’ve caught all the episodes so far and let me tell you, this show is hilarious. First of all, the comedic timing of Lily Tomlin is outstanding. Who knew that gal was so funny. Also, Jai’s performance as the fabulous and flamboyant record exec assistant Geoffrey is absolutely hilarious. Case and point? His introductory scene with Reba in the pilot where he asks her if she is “young and sexy“.

In our chat, I get a little bit of inside scoop on the show. I ask Jai if he could confirm some casting rumors if two other big music stars had been asked by Reba to be on the show. Want to know who they are? You’re going to have to listen below.

Homorazzi Chats With Jai Rodriguez

Malibu Country TV Trailer

Tune into Malibu Country Fridays on ABC (check local listings)!

Follow Jai on Twitter at his handle: @jairodriguez

  • SLade

    HE was always my favorite on Queer Eye!! That boy is so damn fine!

  • Frolicsome

    Who knew Lily Tomlin was so funny?

    Um, everyone?

    She’s been a comedian for 50 years, was on a show called ‘Laugh-In’ and has won Grammy and Tony awards for her comedy work.

  • Brian

    Love Reba,Love the show……HATE his typical gay stereotype character! Isn’t this exactly what sets gay rights back? Come on,there is no reason to have his character so “obnoxiously gay”

  • Melanie

    Malibu Country is the first time I’ve seen Jai Rodriguez. A friend I work with at DISH is a fan of his though, and recommended that I check him out on Malibu Country. Now I love it and watch the show every week. It’s set to auto-record on my DISH Hopper along with the other big four prime time network shows using Primetime Anytime, so I never have to worry about missing an episode even if I forget to set a timer. Jai seems to be an amazing actor, and his character in Malibu Country is hilarious.

  • Kevin Alonso

    @ Brian
    No it’s outdated thinking like yours that demands all gay people act in a “Str8 acting” butch caricature of machismo that sets us back. There ARE fem gay men who are part of our community. they don’t “set us back” they strength our diversity