Meet Redfoo’s Protégé Jadagrace

Jay-Z has Willow Smith and now Redfoo of LMFAO fame has his own little protégé. Meet 13-year-old Jadagrace. The pint-sized singer is already a triple threat at her young age. She danced at Debbie Allen’s Dance Academy, appeared in Terminator: Salvation and now she’s preparing to release her debut album for Epic Records which includes cuts by Tricky Stewart and Smokey Robinson. Pretty impressive. At her age, I was busy popping zits and playing video games 😉

The lead cut “Run Dat Back” is a catchy dance-pop song that will appeal to her target demo. It’s no “Whip My Hair” but a solid debut. That said, the music video is a tad inappropriate IMHO. Wearing a crop top, leather skirt and fishnet-looking stockings, it’s far too sexy for someone of her age. Girl is bumpin’ and grindin’ all over the place. It’s like watching an episode of Toddlers & Tiaras, but sluttier. If that’s possible.

Britney Spears courted major controversy with her pigtails and school girl uniform, but this get-up is even more provocative. At least Brit was 16 at the time. Maybe I’m getting conservative in my old age. Watch the music video below and share your thoughts afterward.

Jadagrace ‘Run Dat Back’ Music Video