Adam Sandler Is Twice The Fun In “Jack & Jill”

Adam Sandler is pulling off double duty is upcoming film joining the likes of Mike Meyers and Eddie Murphy. This time, his production company Happy Madison are bringing us a comedy that is sure to have us in stitches. It’s called Jack & Jill and Adam plays both Jack, and his twin sister Jill.

Family man Jack has quite the life with his wife Erin (played by Katie Holmes). But when his twin sister Jill who now lives in the Bronx decides to come for a visit, his world is about to be turned upside down. No matter how hard he tries to fight it, him and his sister and too much alike. The question is, will the two be able to find that family connection they once had? Or, will Jill’s antics be too much for Jack to handle.

This film features a whack load of cameos including Al Pacino who takes quite an interest in Jill at a Lakers’ game and Regis Philbin. Jack & Jill hits theaters this November.

  • Josh

    Are Sandler and Kevin James in a competition to see who can make the shittiest movie the slack-jawed masses will pay to see? I thought Zookeeper was as low as they could get but this takes the cake

  • Damonderby

    Didn’t anyone who made this see Norbit? Or is Adam Sandler just surrounded by yes men? I just answered my own question didn’t I? lol!