As the resident Jon Stewart-phile of Homorazzi, I of course immediately downloaded the newest episode this evening and was thrilled to see’s Most Influential Man placing his stake in the recently re-ignited “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” debate. And, the genius is of course on the side of good and gay on this one!

A recently published thorough and semi-shocking report found that over 70% of enlisted men and women support the repeal of DADT- the military rule keeping out-of-the-closet gay men and women from serving- in spite much rhetoric and polemical theories to the contrary by Right Wing nuts for years now. As such, Stewart and his flock of correspondents/comedians at the “Daily Show” combined the latest repeal updates with their strongest nemesis: the outdated and outmatched bigot, Senator John McCain and the recent “It Gets Better” campaign to create a fantastically hilarious PSA.

In a recent “NoH8” commercial supporting the repeal of DADT, Cindy Lou Hensley McCain- also known as John McCain’s wife– declared that it was time for America to change how it’s been trouncing the rights of its gay and lesbians who want nothing more than to serve and protect the country they live in. Completely contrary to the fervent position of her ignorant and septuagenarian husband Senator McCain, Cindy, (of course in proper politician’s wife programming style) flopped her flip and tweeted she: “Fully support[s] the NOH8 campaign and all it stands for and [is] proud to be a part of it. But [she] stand by [her] husband’s stance on DADT.” Blurg. Well, at least she was allowed to speak freely for the time it took to shoot the commercial- after that, it sounds like McCain’s people got her back to the kitchen… I’m assuming it was under the threat of getting the Senator a prescription for little blue pills, so for that reason I can forgive her a little.

Turning back to the “Daily Show’s” take on it all, they called up famous-gay Sean Hayes of “Will and Grace” success to help put an interesting twist on the new “It Gets Better” campaign by telling John McCain not to be too excited about his future, because: “It Gets Worse.” Calling out the ageing fossil for his prehistoric take on rights and social progression, Stewart et al. let McCain know in no uncertain terms that in fact, his decisions, lies and inability to be even slightly open-minded will land him a place in history as the bigoted, misanthrope who held up the eventuality that is rights for all gays and lesbians in the military. It’s a much needed slap in the face to the floundering hold-up to such an essential forward push for gay rights. Congrats Stewart: you can do no wrong in my books!