The “It Gets Bigger” Campaign

Leave it to my friend Ryan Steele to put out a parody to the “It Gets Better” campaign. LOL. This campaign is called: “It Gets Bigger“. Do I even need to tell you what they are referring to?

It’s actually quite funny. Ryan, Joel and Clay talk about their personal experiences with their… “tiny victories” penises. Growing up with a small wiener was very hard (no pun intended) for these guys, and for other young boys that find themselves in the same boat. But guess what, as you get older, you grow up into man’s body…and it gets bigger. Some of the stories they tell are hilarious. Also, Clay – I’m so glad you’re back in Ryan’s videos! Amazing.

Enjoy the video below and remember… It gets bigger. And don’t worry ladies, there’s a special message for you too in the video. Your chest will get bigger as well.


  • Phil

    Their, not there.