Last Friday night was SUPPOSED to be an “easy one” in for the Homorazzi cast… then, we found out our studly friend Jeff was beer boying at 1181 so we thought we’d head down for a quick drink there. Ten minutes after that decision was made, we were informed that Landon was djing at Maxine’s Hideaway… so we figured we’d throw that into the mix. And, as I’m sure it’s happened to many of you before, one thing led to another and suddenly the O was the final destination for the evening. So, after a magnum of some terribly low-priced wine, we headed out for 3 dollar shots of fireball and the infamous Odyssey free-pour. As friends dropped off and found their own warm bodies for the night, one writer was left alone to his own machinations… which apparently meant heading home with a 30-something ginger he’d met the weekend previous. What follows is the conversation between said writer and a fellow Homorazzite via iPhone texting the following morning as he awoke to the nightmare of all nightmares. Enjoy the misery!

I`m the green speaking bubbles and the mystery cast member is in grey.


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The window…


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