iPhone Owners Are Sluttier

OkCupid.com did a study where it looked at what cameras were used to upload their photos (including smartphone cameras). They cross references this information with personality tests taken that include, “The Dating Persona Test” or “The Slut Test,” which ask for a count of sexual partners. Dirty, dirty.

The study concluded that iPhone users had more sexual partners, followed by Blackberry users, and then Android phone users. This is such a bizarre study, but completely facinating at the same time. I mean, there is a site dedicated to shirtless/naked guys taking pictures of themselves with their iPhones – GuysWithiPhones.com. There isn’t one for other types of phones is there?

In one of the test samples, it was restricted to people that were 30 years old. Android users that were 30 yrs old had accumulated an average of six sexual partners in his lifetime, versus the average woman had 6.1. (what’s 0.1 – heavy petting?) For BlackBerry users, the number was 8.1 (0.1 for heavy petting again?) for men and 8.8 for women (0.8 for…cunnilingus?) Male iPhone users had 10 sexual partners and female iPhone users had 12.3. That is unless they were gay and I’m sure the numbers would have gone through the roof. Seriously…Grindr?