Brian’s iPhone App of the Month August 2009: Facebook 3.0


This App snuck in just under the August wire.  I hadn’t been browsing for many new apps in August.  I was thinking about trying out the Men’s Health app after reading about it in the magazine but was dissuaded to do so after reading that there is some ongoing cost to operating it.  Leave it to the folks at Rodale to milk it for all they can – really!  I had read on a blog that I frequent that the new Facebook app had been submitted to Apple for approval.  Finally, I thought to myself as I didn’t particularly like the current version.  I read that quite a while ago, maybe even in June, so it was quite a wait for this one to come through.  I guess the waiting is worth it though – the new Facebook iPhone app is the best re-design I have seen come out of the folks at Facebook yet!

I will start my review of this app by telling you to, if you already haven’t, download it. Now! I can’t find any reason not to. The functionality of the app far surpasses it predecessor and it has way more to offer as well.  From events, to birthdays, dialing, etc. this application inigrates with the capabilities of the iPhone much better and beyond that provides me the information I want while I’m on the go.  With the previous version there was no way to view events or the address, phone, etc of an event.  This is one of the best improvements. You check what happening tonight on your phone, head to the address of the event, and see the buzzer number. If you buddies post their phone numbers on their facebook info page… voila, you can dial direct from the friends list on Facebook 3.0.  The list of benefits could just go on and on.

If I could create a wish list for Facebook 3.1 it would include “push” style customizable text notifications when you had a new request, event, birthdays, etc.  This would be nice then you wouldn’t have to load the app to see what’s happening.  Other than that, short of doing my laundry for me I couldn’t be happier with this iPhone Facebook 3.0 application!  Way to goFacebook for making some well needed enhancements to an already impressive suite of peer networking webtools.

Download Facebook 3.0 in the App store for FREE!  Enjoy!

  • Adam

    This app has changed my life.
    Okay, maybe not quite, but definitely rocked my world!!
    sooo much easier to navigate now.. before i just used safari to search my fb but now the app dominates.

  • Oh, I was looking at this one the other day but wasn’t sure if it was going to be good or not. After reading this, I’m going to download it now! 🙂 Thanks, Brian!