Brian’s iPhone App of the Month July 2009: aSleep


Wowzah – What happened to summer… Here it is August 31st and I’m writing my iPhone App of the month for July!

July, for me, is all about the heat, sun, beach, boats, family, friends, and last but not least – the long days!!  I love waking up at 5am with the sun blasting into the bedroom and falling asleep as it’s still setting in the west. With that said, I often tend to burn the candle at both ends through this month. Every weekend and most weeknights are filled with Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Barbeques, Parties… to top it off, throw Vancity Pride in the mix and we’re going to be awake for the whole month.

Okay, back on topic, my iPhone app discovery in the month of July is a excellent sleep aid called aSleep.  This “sleep machine” specifically designed for the iPhone functions perfectly in my busy life. I love choice of sounds; it is simple to use and works like a charm. With or without headphones I find it equally effective in lulling me into a deeper more relaxing sleep.  With every deep, relaxing, energizing breath I take in the evening as I drift off listening to “aSleep” I find the stress and worries of summer melting away.  My only criticism – it’s icon – I hide it on the last screen of my phone as I can’t stand cheep looking icons.

aSleep is available, on iTunes for only 99 cents.  Enjoy!

  • Hahahaha that is so Brian ” I can’t stand cheap looking icons.” Enough said.