iPhone App of the Moment: MobileMinute


I’ve just downloaded and installed a new app from Pageonce called MobileMinute which is an app that monitors your SMS, MMS, data & talk usage. The great thing about this app is that it pulls your information from your Rogers online account and gives you the following readings in real time:

  • Days in Cycle (shows you how far in you are in your billing cycle)
  • Minutes (shows you how much of your Evenings/Weekend & Weekday minutes you have used)
  • Data Usage (It gives you your usage reading in MB)
  • Sent Text & MMS (most have unlimited texting/mms so this will really only be useful to know just how many texts/mms you send, I’m up to 1200 this billing cycle)


This app is handy for monitoring your usage especially if you’re like me who wants to keep their iPhone bill to under $150 a month. I can’t wait til iPhone service prices go down from competitive pricing with other networks once they get on the GSM network. I can still remember my first cellphone which only cost me $40/month and has gradually increased to $130/month. It’s also good to monitor your usage to be able to find out if your plan is either enough or too much for you. You don’t wanna be paying for a larger plan when your usage is very minimal and vice versa. You can even track multiple accounts (husbands, wives, daughters, sons, mistress & etc) and pay bills straight from the app.


Check out a video review from AppVee.com


Unfortunately this app is only available for Rogers users in Canada, AT&T in the US & O2 in the UK at this time. Click here to get MobileMinute for the iPhone.

Psst… Crackberry Users, there’s a Blackberry version for you too.

  • Adam

    Boooooooo… you got me so excited and then tell me it’s only for rogers 🙁 i’m a fido boy… and am VERY much anticipating a release for me… redd, keep me in the loop! check on this EVERY HOUR ON THE HOUR.

  • RO

    Just downloaded this app! It should be great, I share a family plan with my boyfriend and last month we went over our minutes!

    If you are looking for sick apps, look into Qtweeter, it’s only for jailbroken phones though, it’s not a free app either but I love it.. you just slide your finger from the top of the screen and you can update your facebook and twitter at the same time.. heres a pic


  • I’m sure they’ll get to a wider release for other networks it’s only a matter of time.

    Hey RO… yeah I tend to go over my minutes on some months and use way less on others, this app will be great cause I can figure out what the best plan for me is. Too bad we don’t have rollover minutes here in Canada 🙁 I’m hoping with Telus getting GSM that it will drive the prices down for minutes.

    Qtweeter looks sweet! I will have to check it out and yeah I’ve got a jailbroken phone. Are you on OS 3.1.2 jailbroken? I haven’t updated since 3.0.1