Apple has announced that they’ll be releasing a new iPhone on June 19th!  This newer, faster, and even more homolicious version of the iPhone 3G comes almost exactly one year after the drop of the 3G.  I guess that, despite our 2/3 year contracts with Rogers / AT&T apple still wants us to upgrade annually :)

So what’s new and improved:

1.  Processor and Ram make the “S” 2 times faster than its predecessor.  Apparently, the graphics capabilities will be beyond what we’ve seen thus far as well.

2.  Built in Video Camera with Auto focus allows you to shoot video right on your phone.  (Pictures will be better as well with the new camera!)

3.  Now available in 32 Gig version.

4.  Cut, Copy and Paste Capabilities!  (Blackberry users – don’t scoff).

5.  Voice Control has now been added to the iPhone.  Use it to make a call or song selection.  I guess if it’s good enough for the Shuffle it’s good enough for our beloved iPhones as well.  A voice recorder app has also been added.

6.  A compass – What?  I love how the iPhone is becoming more and more like a swiss army knife with every release. MacGyver (for those of us alive in the 80’s) would’ve been able to solve the worlds problems with an iPhone and a ball of twine.  On a more serious note, I hope this is a move to allow the iPhone to function as a more practical GPS system with turn by turn prompts, etc.

7.  NikePlus is now supported by the 3G-S.  No more carrying the nano to the gym.  This feature is, by far, the one I’ve been waiting for the longest.  I will also use it all the time.  Check out the apple feature page for some screen shots and description.

8.  Finally, we’ll be able to attach photos and video to our Text Messages!!  Who knows how much the providers will charge for it?  All the same, I still love the option and will use it.

9.  My favorite new software feature is the Spotlight Search (I expect this will be availble on all iPhone models in the 3.0 release through iTunes).  This will allow users to key any word into the search field and the app will search all apps on the iPhone.  For example, if I searched homorazzi, I would find my notes with the word, bookmarks, address book, etc.  Love it!’

    So why do I want one… Because I have been brainwashed by Apple and now an official member of the cult.  AND, if it is seriously 2 times faster then I’ll be in line for one for sure!  This time I’m waiting for the white though – it was sold out last time and I was too impatient.

    I can already imagine the look Donovan’s going to throw me when I ask for an iPhone for my birthday… For the third year in a row! (Blame the cult)

    I’ll post a review in the future.  That’s just a soon as I can get my hands on one.