iPad Finger Painting by Kyle Lambert

Every once in a while, I’ll see something that absolutely amazes me. This is one of those times. UK based artist Kyle Lambert specializes in painting, illustration, animation and 3D motion graphics. You can now add iPad artiste to that list as well. After spending 8 hours finger painting using the Apple tablet, he created the Toy Story replica. I can’t even draw a stick figure on Brian’s iPad, let alone the work of art above.

Using the iPad Brushes App, he meticulously recreated the Toy Story 3 still. He recorded his brush strokes using the Brushes Viewer Application and edited it in Final Cut Studio. Watch the a sped-up video of him creating the digital art from scratch below. It’s only a 1:41 in length but definitely worth the watch.

Shout out goes to Shaun Bentley for creating the accompanying medley of “You Got A Friend In Me” and “Strange Things” medley. It definitely compliments the video. If you want to know more about Kyle, head over to his official website at http://kyle-lambert.blogspot.com/. He’s also created illustrations of Rihanna, Megan Fox, Jennifer Aniston, Obama and many more.